About AJ

AJ, now 15 years old was born and raised in Miami, Florida on March 26th. There he was surrounded by the love of music on his mother and father’s side of the family. He quickly developed his own love when he started showing signs of being an avid little entertainer at the tender age of two. He had already begun reading, singing, and dancing all around the house.

The tone of his voice and ability to mimic choreography from the television screen stood out for a child his age. Everyone around him began to take notice, especially his grandmother. Before her passing, she made sure AJ’s parents were nurturing his gift. And so they did with the help of his Aunt; nurturing his natural talent and pursuing his dreams to become, “a Star.” “My grandparents called me superstar ever since I can remember. It stuck with me and I just always loved stars since then. I would draw them everywhere,” AJ stated.

At the age of seven, he began consistently singing at many different events and church. He was also selected to be apart of a hip hop dance production with no professional training. Later on being chosen as one of twenty-four dancers for the 2009-2010 NBA’s Miami Heat, as a Jr. Jam Dancer.

Currently, he continues to work hard to pursue a career in entertainment. AJ stated, “When it’s your passion, it doesn’t feel too much like work. That helps a lot because it’s not easy and you have to stay really focus. I have to balance school, my family and music. But I’m going to do everything it takes till I reach my goal.“-AJ